Making an Ex-wife fall back in love

If your relationship with your wife is somewhat down or has definitely ended, the tips I will give you in this article will help you to find out how to win her back and lure her back into your arms.

The first thing you need to know is that your woman, whether she is your wife or girlfriend, has decided to take a step back or is giving you signs that there is something she doesn’t like about you.

I say this because there are so many men who believe that when their wives leave them they can “magically” get them back with some technique or some miraculous phrase, this does not exist.

The issue goes deeper than that.

When a man realises that his partner no longer sees him as the man she fell in love with, that is when he can take an intelligent course of action to make the necessary changes to get the relationship back.

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So, for all of this to work the most important thing is that the man is willing to:
1) Make changes.

2) Be patient.

3) Accept the crisis or the break-up for a while.

4) Not to torment himself with the break-up of the relationship or to look at the past.

5) Try to deal with your life as normal, as if nothing has happened.

All this builds the man’s “mental health”, a FUNDAMENTAL aspect to fall in love again with a woman and recover a relationship.

If, on the other hand, the man does not make an effort to change, does not accept the break-up of the relationship, is impatient, looks at photos of the past and thinks about his ex all day long, and stops doing the activities he normally does, the result will be a man who is unbalanced, unattractive and uninteresting.

Could a woman fall in love or fall in love again with such a man? It’s very difficult.

That’s why here are some guidelines on changes you should make in your behaviour so that you can get your woman back in love and bring her back into your arms. It doesn’t matter if your wife is with someone else or doesn’t love you anymore.

These principles work to make you more attractive, every time.

To win a woman back you must have a WINNING presence, and to do that you need to follow these steps:
Optimize your health and energy
The WINNER is not a listless, weak, pale or emaciated person. It doesn’t matter what situation you are currently in, whether you are suffering from an illness or have never set foot in a hospital.

Never settle for anything less than the best you can be.

Your inner health determines how you look on the outside. When your body is dirty on the inside or in a deplorable state, your natural attractiveness is diminished.

A man with a lot of energy has something that women detect long before he even opens his mouth.

Poor internal health also hurts your mood and your energy levels, all of which will hurt you when you are trying to be attractive and win your woman back.

You have to ask yourself a simple question: Do you want to be your best self, or are you content to be what you currently are?

If you decide to be your best version, you should know that the man inside you is eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Do you know the Kaizen methodology (constant improvement)? This article talks more about this philosophy of life, which will make you reach your best version.

Look for role models
People always need role models, idols, or characters (real or fictional) whose presence inspires them.

Actors, musicians, cartoons, video game characters or whatever you want. You must have a character you would like to be like, well, you still have time to do it.

And it’s not about imitating everything or abandoning your natural essence, it’s about taking it as a simple Guide for your personal improvement.

Make sure you are always comfortable, just like at home.
Attractive manAvoid situations that make you uncomfortable or work on them so that they do not have a negative effect on you. Always try, in every situation, to enjoy the moment and live in the moment.

Don’t dwell on what you have done or have to do, just be grateful for the present moment and feel comfortable.

A man who is comfortable with the situation he is in at the moment is an attractive man who exudes positive energy that translates into women’s interest in him.

Learn to breathe with your diaphragm.
What does this have to do with trying to get your man back in love, you may be asking yourself?

And the answer is: A LOT.

To make a woman fall in love again you need to show her that you are calm, that you behave like a winner, that you are not in a hurry and that you are always comfortable, and the best way to reflect all this is to always keep your breathing slow and deep.

You may not have noticed, but when you are stressed you breathe with your chest, i.e. your chest is the one that rises and falls with your breaths.

Conversely, when you are calm, you breathe with your stomach.

The Winner always breathes with his stomach, because he is always comfortable. Making this simple change in your life will improve your appearance and your presence considerably, as it will be reflected in your body posture, your tone of voice and other behaviours.

To get used to breathing correctly I recommend inhaling for 4 seconds (inflating your stomach), holding your breath for about 8 seconds, and exhaling (deflating your stomach) for about 16 seconds.

Don’t worry about keeping an exact count, it’s all about proportion.

Claim your space

Take a look at your body right now – how are you sitting, are you slouching, are you slumping, or are you perfectly upright and very comfortable in your position?

Notice also when you’re walking, or sitting on your couch watching a movie, how you’re usually sitting?

Your body posture defines you.

The most important thing when it comes to being able to win a woman back is to feel comfortable in front of her, and your body position is tremendously important to achieve this.

Slow down your voice and your movements
Imagine yourself at home, very relaxed, no paperwork to do, no pressure. How would you behave? How fast would you move or speak? Probably at a much slower and more leisurely speed than if you were in the street or at work.

You have to try, starting today, to slow down your voice, your movements and everything you do. Take your time for everything.

By this I don’t mean that you should be late for work or school, what I mean is that you should always try (when you can) to slow things down.

Your breathing, gestures, blinking, speech, movements, expressions, everything should be slow and always generate some excitement.

Say no to sudden movements, unless you have to run from an accident.

All these tips are part of everything you should do to improve your personal attractiveness and become “the best version of you”.

Become an expert in “pauses” and silences.

From now on you must be very clear that communication is not only verbal, there is body communication and communication through silences.

Men who are anxious, insecure and who fail to be attractive to the opposite sex are the ones who talk and talk, showing that they are afraid of silences.

Women do not react well to this type of man.

The pause in your communication generates a great deal of expectation. How do you get other people’s interest? How do others talk to get your attention?

The answer is probably to speak slowly and pause a lot, as if you are in no hurry.

The language of the gaze

Winners know that sometimes words are superfluous and a powerful gaze is all that is needed.

A look that knows how to communicate allows you to dominate, question, blame, disapprove, approve, reward, smile, encourage, seduce, and many others.

A woman can stay all night thinking about you just because of your gaze, just as a woman can forget you completely if when you had an interaction your gaze was weak and lost.

But make no mistake, many men who know the language of looks become obsessed with their eyes and end up with a psycho look.

What you should do is simply relax your eye muscles, focus on using them only when you want to express something specific.

Say goodbye to tics and gestures that are too much.
Focus on a famous Hollywood actor or a super seducer… how many tics, gestures or crutches do you see in them? None, right?

If you have a gesture that is repetitive or a tic that has been haunting you for a long time, you must get rid of them, no matter what.

These acts only demonstrate a degree of anxiety and nervousness that will not be beneficial in your interaction with women or your ex.

Say goodbye to strange gestures with your mouth, crossed arms, your hands banging on tables or making noise with anything they can find, your head tilted towards the floor, the rapid blinking of your eyes, the constant rubbing of your hands, and so many typical tics that only work against you.

Just relax, breathe with your diaphragm as I explained in part 1 of this article and enjoy the moments that life gives you.

Don’t worry unnecessarily.

Never lean towards anyone
This is a very typical attitude of the insecure man. For fear that the woman will stop listening to him or stop paying attention to him, this type of man will raise the volume of his voice, lean in to talk closer to the woman, and so on.

These actions only make the woman feel pressured and she does not want to continue the interaction.

So don’t tip over!

Be concerned about your physical appearance

There is a very wise saying that goes like this “there are no unattractive or ugly men, there are only lazy men”.

Do you really want to win back your ex-wife? Honestly, do you think you can achieve that goal with your current physical appearance?

If the answer is no, start worrying today about fixing certain little details that are preventing you from getting the most out of yourself.

Clothes, hair, perfume and hygiene should be concepts that are more present in your life if what you want is to fall in love with a woman again.

You don’t need to make a total change in your appearance, just improve what you are currently presenting to the world.

A change of look is always welcome as well as a change of hairstyle and a new outfit or two.

If there is something that is currently working against you, get rid of it.

This could be a pair of old, untidy shoes, a dirty shirt, or hair that has been neglected for a while.

But it’s important that you don’t get down on yourself or obsess over your looks, every man can make the most of being WHAT HE IS.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

If you’ve had a thick build all your life, don’t try to look like a celebrity who has a very different physique and face from yours, because you’ll always be faking it.

Instead, worry about being the most attractive of the guys in your category.

By following these tips you will be the sensation of the day and night, whatever you look like.

Why is that? Because you are a Winner and your batteries are charged.

Let there be no doubt in anyone’s mind, least of all your ex-wife.

By following these tips you’ll be at your best in no time and you’ll be much more attractive to your ex and any woman.