How to get your ex-girlfriend back if she’s with someone else or no longer loves you

Can you get back an ex-girlfriend who has started dating another man? Can you get back an ex-girlfriend who no longer loves you?

The answer to these 2 questions is one: Yes, you can.

But first you must master some principles of seduction and attraction to win back your ex-girlfriend, otherwise your chances of getting her back will be less.

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Steps to get your ex girlfriend back
Your ex girlfriend or wife decided to end the relationship because she was no longer attracted to something about the relationship, not necessarily about you, but about the relationship itself.

That’s why your first duty if you want to get your ex back is to:

1) Think about why she left you:

Surely she gave you some reasons why she wanted to end the relationship, and while you should pay attention to them, you should know that in many cases these reasons are just pre-made phrases, such as:

(a) “I need time to think about what’s wrong with me…”

b) “It’s not you, it’s me…”.

c) “Things are not like they used to be…”.

d) “I’m confused…”

e) “You are too much for me, I don’t deserve you…” f) “We have too little in our lives…”

f) “We have very few things in common…”

g) “I’m not so enthusiastic anymore…”

h) “I want to focus on my work (or studies)…”

i) “I don’t want to commit myself to anything yet…”


While these phrases are suggestive and may give you a “clue” as to what was really going on with your ex-wife, you should not rely on them 100%.

It is known that both men and women, when they end a relationship, in most cases are not completely honest.

This is because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings.

On the one hand this is fine, since telling a person something like “I don’t want to be with you anymore because I don’t like you physically”, is very cruel, however, honesty will always be the best when it comes to fixing and solving relationship problems, always keep this in mind.

To find out why your ex-girlfriend or wife decided to end the relationship, it is good to clear your mind, take a deep breath, stop suffering and analyse coldly what could have happened:

a) Were you no longer having sex?

b) Were you unfaithful?

c) Did the relationship fall into a monotonous routine?

d) Did you neglect your physical appearance and general health?

e) Did you only say NO to her invitations and outings?

f) Did you look for her a lot and always wanted to be with her? (One of the most common)

g) Were you jealous and asked her everything she had done during the day, even checking her mobile phone or Facebook?


It is your job to analyse all these reasons and more, to come to an honest conclusion as to why your ex girlfriend really left you.

In my book Getting Back Together I discuss this topic in more depth.

2) Accept the end of the relationship for now:
As difficult as it may seem, you MUST, necessarily, if you want to get your ex-girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend, walker, pinche, wife or whatever your woman has been to you, accept the end of the relationship.

This will open your mind in ways you don’t yet suspect.

You are now in a situation where you don’t want to accept the fact that your wife has left you.

You are confused, you feel sorry, in some cases angry, you don’t know what to do and all you want to do is ask for explanations and get her back.

Feeling all this is natural and normal, but it is not healthy and it will not help you to get her back.

The attitude that you should take from TODAY is an attitude of “Fuck it”, or as it is popularly known in North America, “Fuck it”.

This means that you DON’T care that your ex has left you, you simply don’t give a big deal about it and you go on with your life as it was before and even better, happier, fuller, more joyful, and with more time to do the things you like the most.

Dedicate time to your hobbies or pastimes (if you don’t have one, it is essential that you start doing something and be passionate about it, this could be playing a musical instrument, practising a sport, having a very active social life, undertaking personal work projects, etc.).

It is very important that you have hobbies, as this makes you an interesting man for your ex-girlfriend and for any woman.

On the contrary, if your free time is spent on the computer, watching TV, eating and spying on your ex on Facebook or looking at pictures of the two of you when you were together, you will become everything a woman DOES NOT WANT in a man.

Women want men who are independent, interesting, who have a social life, who have projects they are passionate about, and above all, who are not always available to them, the latter becomes very attractive to many women and is very healthy for any relationship.

A man who calls his wife all day long, who is constantly insisting that they should be together and who, when this is not possible, makes a “scandal”, will end up causing the relationship to break up.

From today welcome freedom in your life, a “fuck it” attitude, not only with the break-up, but with most problems you have, and I assure you that your attitude will change for the better.

3) Let some time pass:
As I have said in other articles, allowing some time to pass (which depends on the type of relationship you have had, but generally ranges between 2 to 6 weeks) without having any kind of contact with your ex-partner is extremely important to “start over”.

It is essential that:

a) Your ex knows absolutely nothing about you during this time.

b) That you don’t know anything about her during this time either (no spying on her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, calling her on the phone, sending her messages, let alone physically spying on her).

For this plan to be successful, you will necessarily have to spend your free time on other activities.

Most men don’t have that much willpower, and usually “fall into the temptation” of contacting their ex-wives before the time is right, spoiling the whole strategy.

So, when you are thinking about her, about to call her or log on to her Facebook profile, call some friends, family, or if you don’t have anyone, get out of your house and go for a walk.

It’s amazing what a good walk while listening to your favourite music (not music that your ex-partner liked) can do to clear your mind.

Increasing your social life is key
During this time of non-contact you will take care of healing, firstly, your mind, saying goodbye to the negative and destructive thoughts that caused the relationship to end.

And secondly, to improve your physical appearance.

This is very simple. Your ex-girlfriend liked you physically, so that’s one way you’ve already won.

Now it’s up to you to improve your looks.

If you gained weight, the answer is clear, you must go on a diet following a healthy diet, this combined with daily exercise (which can be from going for a walk every day at a fast pace, going for a jog, or joining a gym, this will allow you to clear your mind and meet new people, even new women).

It’s also good to take care of your personal hygiene. A good haircut never hurts, and a new outfit doesn’t hurt either.

The idea of all this is to increase your self-esteem by improving your physical appearance and your mental attitude, because it has been proven that a man with good self-esteem is highly attractive to women.

After some time has passed and you feel ready to see your ex again, this will happen naturally, you can casually call her to schedule a date, or you can answer a call from her, who at that point will be dying of curiosity to hear from you.

You know the first thing to do if your relationship with your ex-girlfriend or wife is over.

You already know what mistakes you should not make and what are the steps to follow, now it is up to you to implement this strategy, which has given very good results with different men from different parts of the world.

To expand on this strategy I recommend that you review my Guide “Getting Back Together”, in which I show step by step everything you need to do to get back together with your ex-girlfriend or wife.