6 Principles for getting your ex back

In this article we will look at how to get your ex back using 6 simple principles that you MUST know.

If you don’t know them, your chances of getting your ex back will be less.

If you take the time to read and understand them, and above all, have the PATIENCE it takes to get an ex back….

You will have a much better chance of succeeding.

We’ll look at who should contact whom, and when.
We will see when you should schedule appointments and when you should NOT.
We’ll see why you shouldn’t necessarily focus on “getting your relationship back”, but on other things?
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How to get your ex back: 6 principles you need to manage

Let’s get down to business…

1- If it was you who was dumped by your ex-partner:
You must communicate to him/her that you don’t want him/her to consider you as a friend.

If your partner has told you that he/she doesn’t want to see you, or that he/she won’t give you a second chance…

What you should do (I know it will seem strange to you, but take my advice) is to tell her that you ACCEPT this.

And that you have no problem with her or him contacting you if she or he ever changes his or her mind.

And now comes the part that makes this strategy so often successful….

But at the same time, the part that most people get wrong:

You must let your partner go, and NOT CONTACT HIM OR HER for any reason, for at least 2 weeks.

The people who accomplish this are the ones who HAVE A CHANCE of getting back together with their exes.

The people who, on the other hand, get anxious and have no patience and keep contacting their exes, are the ones who never or almost never see results.

2- Take a step back and don’t look back:

This will serve you well NOT ONLY in the relationship arena, but in any other situation in your life, be it professional or personal.

Once you say what you want, and if the other person is not willing to give it to you, or is confused and does not give you an answer….

Your BEST option is to tell them that it’s OK for them to contact you if they ever change their mind…

And after that, you go away and disappear off the map.

NO birthday messages.
NO anniversary messages.
NO messages.
If you have children together, you should coordinate ahead of time when you will see your ex and avoid spending so much time together.

You have a busy life and you have to make him/her see that.

You have to give the impression that you have a busy life, and that you are in a hurry.

Pay attention to this: There has to be space, distance and time for your ex to THINK, RETHINK, and regret walking away from you.

It has to be your ex’s idea to contact you.

And this usually happens when they realise that they have lost you forever and will never hear from you again.

3- When your ex contacts you:

If your ex or a person who got “tired” of you because of your behaviour contacts you through:

Text messages.
Or even phone calls…
You have to assume he wants to see you.

Just because your ex “likes” a picture of you on Facebook or another social network, doesn’t mean he’s “contacting” you.

He HAS to contact you directly and initiate a conversation with you.

When this happens, try NOT to steer the conversation to topics that are of no importance….

Instead, be direct, be decisive, and go for what you want and say:

“Hey! It’s good to hear from you. It would be good to see you soon. When are you free to go for a coffee?”

This will be like a FIRST DATE.

You have to forget about what you have been through before, and as much as possible, avoid talking about it.

The idea of this date is to be an opportunity to start “fresh”.

Don’t talk about:
Getting back together.
Being exclusive.
Having some kind of commitment together.
The idea is that in this stage of reconquest it is YOUR EX who proposes all of this.

Your main objective is simply to concentrate on creating a fun, relaxed, relaxed moment, away from any kind of drama and nostalgia for the past.

4- What if your ex rejects you and doesn’t want to go out with you?

Never ask your ex out if he/she has already said NO once.

If you got a NO as an answer, you have to take that moment as a breaking point.

A breaking point to a new stage…

A new stage in which you will NOT INVITE your ex to get together, you will wait for your ex to do so.

When your ex contacts you, via text message, email, Facebook or other social network, you should limit your responses to 2 or 3 messages, no more than that.

You need to give the impression that you are busy and don’t have time for small talk on your mobile phone or computer.

If he/she contacts you by phone conversation, Facetime, Skype or something like that, you should make sure that the conversation does not exceed 2-3 minutes.

Try to ALWAYS, especially when you are contacted by phone conversation or are “listening live”…

Say: “Hey! it was great to hear from you, I have to go now! let’s keep in touch”.

By then you can only expect 2 possible scenarios:

Either your ex contacts you to meet up and schedule a date.
Or he/she stops contacting you.

5- How to schedule a date with your ex the right way:
If your ex suggests the possibility of you getting together, you MUST BE very brief, act decisively and get straight to the point….

Schedule the date. Nothing else.

Don’t talk too much, don’t discuss unimportant topics.

Schedule the appointment and stay away from your mobile phone.

6- If it was you who left your ex and ended the relationship:

The only situation where YOU will be the one contacting your ex is if you are the one who ended the relationship.

But you are only going to contact your EX once.

So make the most of that opportunity.

(If you have already tried to contact your ex and it was you who ended the relationship, and this contact went wrong, then wait at least 2 weeks before contacting your ex again).

When you initiate the conversation you will apologise for any mistakes you may have made….

And tell him/her that you want to see him/her again. Then schedule the date.

A clear sign that you are sorry for your mistakes is to go find your ex and make things easier for the date.

Don’t make your ex go out of his or her way.

Be on time, be respectful, be patient.

What if she says she doesn’t want to see you?

Say that you’d love to see her one more time and that you could look at the possibility of having another chance.

After that, tell him/her that you understand his/her position and that if he/she changes his/her mind, to contact you.

If your ex does contact you, schedule a date immediately – don’t waste time!

If he never contacted you again, you should ACCEPT this situation and turn the page.

If he contacted you and you managed to schedule the date, and it was fun, relaxed, laid back, you didn’t talk about getting back together, and you had a great time?

You can pretend that the relationship is just starting, and what you will do is contact your ex ONCE a week to schedule a date.

The relationship doesn’t ever have to go back to the way it was before.

It is a NEW relationship, and you should treat it as such.

After a period of time, 2-6 weeks, the situation will be much less tense between the two of you and your ex will be the one scheduling the appointments.

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