Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil For Your Skin

In the past years, coconut oil has quickly become a product coveted by more and more ladies who are willing to give up classic treatment and try something new on the market. Well, it’s not completely new, but every day we find out about more and more benefits. To put it broadly, this beauty product does wonders because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, plus it is highly hydrating and caring with our skin (dermis).

Your skin is part of your body, basically some say it’s the biggest organ we have, so that’s why it needs special care. Each person is born with a different kind of skin and thus we need different kinds of products to clean and hydrate it.

Benefits of coconut oil on skin

  • It’s mainly used by persons with dry, dehydrated, irritated or scorched hands, elbows or knees
  • Not only does it hydrate the skin, but also it softens it, giving it a velvety touch
  • It’s a good exfoliant, so goodbye dead cells from the surface of the skin
  • It helps heal bruises, being gentle with small wounds or corns
  • It sooths the rashes – so be sure to use it after epilation (antibacterial, remember? and also the fats help calm down the redness)
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Tones up the loose skin and makes it glow
  • Removes makeup
  • It’s known to work against skin blemishes, eczema, dermatitis or acne (always after consulting a doctor)
  • To treat rashes, burns and tags
  • Use it as sunscreen – protect your skin against UV rays

How to use coconut oil for skin care

Apply a thin layer of coconut oil after you shower. If you do it like this, you can apply several layers rather than a thick one, because it will be much better absorbed by your skin. If you use too much, your tissue will be blocked, and the absorption limited. You can also use it also while you’re taking a relaxing bath. Just a few drops in the water should do the trick.

As a massage oil – it’s ideal to use coconut oil for massaging, especially if you like the smell. You can apply it on your whole body and if you want to relax immediately, try to gently rub your temples. You will feel like a goddess! You can also use it after shower, as a body lotion, but remember it takes it about 20 minutes to be completely absorbed.

It’s difficult standing here and trying to tell you about the coconut oil. As soon as you’re going to smell one and feel refreshed, you’ll realize that something magic is about to happen.