Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil On Your Hair!

The coconut oil is very popular for hair treatment and it’s used everywhere around the globe due to its beneficial properties, vitamins and minerals important for our bodies. Some components keep the hair strong, maintain its health and protects against hair loss. It’s time to find out more:

Coconut oil for hair loss

Believe it or not, coconut oil has been used for a very long time. It was always part of some lotions or cream. Some older people say that if you can boil sage leafs, add coconut oil and apply to your scalp, you can prevent hair loss. You can use gooseberry instead of sage for the same effect.

For damaged hair you can use apply coconut oil directly on your hair, which will help it lose proteins.  Because of the lauric acid, it gets quickly absorbed, so you can use it before or after showering. Talk about preventing breakage!

Coconut oil as a hair balm
Some say that coconut oil in its raw shape can be the best hair balm there is, because it always helps the hair stay soft and hydrated. If you apply some on your hair overnight and wash it in the morning, you will probably see it strong, healthy and glowing. If you want, you can mix it with henna and apply it for 10-20 minutes. It does wonders for dry hair and some say that seals in the color.

Coconut oil for dry hair

If your hair is thin and dry, you have a delicate situation. Some products you buy may be good for something else, and can also further thinner your hair. Coconut oil helps hydrate and tone your hair, especially if you apply and leave it over night. Be careful though to use a towel or something not to stain your bed linen. If you like lavender you can use lavender essential oil also in the mix, for a plus of stress-free goodnight sleep 😉

Coconut oil for split ends
As you probably know, the best thing to do when you have split ends is to cut a few centimeters or your hair, but if your problem is not that serious you can try a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil and gently massage your affected hair. This will minimize the occurrence of this problem happening again.

If you have problems with dandruff, coconut oil can again help you get rid of it because the fat acids are known to fight dandruff. If you mix coconut oil with some warm water and castor oil, gently massage the scalp and you won’t see dandruff very soon .  You can replace castor oil with sesame oil.

PS: Did you know that using coconut oil stimulates hair growth because of the vitamin E?

Overall, it’s important to keep your hair clean, take good care of it and of course, eat healthy.