Solve Your Acne Problems With Coconut Oil

Most of us will suffer with acne at some point or another. It’s terrible, making us feel insecure and can cause a lot stress. Yet there are simple solutions to acne problems, to help us feel more confident in our skin, and here’s one you wouldn’t expect: Coconut Oil. We all know acne is a condition that can really make you feel self-conscious and awkward. However, hopefully after you’ve read this article you will know all the ways in which Coconut Oil can help cure your acne.

Fatty Acids
Coconut Oil is actually filled with lots of medium-chain fatty acids and don’t let the word fatty put you off, they are actually extremely healthy. Two of these are Capric Acid and Lauric Acid which have strong anti-microbial properties that help the skin fight off nasty bacterial attacks. They also help to form a protective layer on the skin which prevents microbial infections, stopping the acne from even being able to develop!

It’s Natural
With a lot of anti-acne skin products on the market it can be confusing as to which are actually, really, good for your skin. A lot of these products contain a lot of nasty chemicals which can actually prove to be harmful. My advice for what it’s worth is to always go for natural solutions to skin problems as they are often less damaging and harsh. As well as being, especially in the case of coconut oil, extremely effective.

It’s an Anti-Inflammatory
Often, when acne is really bad it because it’s because of it being really inflamed. This adds to the size and redness of the acne. The Gentle Nature of Coconut oil helps sooth the skin, reduce inflammation in the spots making the acne, almost immediately, look and feel better.

It helps with Hormones
Acne is most commonly found in teenagers due to the hormonal changes they go through in puberty. That’s not to say that it doesn’t affect adults too, however hormones definitely play a big part in the development of acne. As well as clearing out your pores, Coconut Oil improves your metabolism levelling out your hormone balance. This will quickly help you feel more relaxed in your skin, as it begins over time to improve and look clearer and more radiant than ever.

Those who use it, swear by it
Most people aren’t aware that you can use Coconut Oil for acne but those who do, absolutely love it. It can be used by all ages and offers a natural and healthy way to treat acne. As well as this it also helps scars caused by acne, making long time suffers absolutely love it! There’s a lot of personal preferences when it comes down to coconut oil. My recommendation would be to use organic coconut oil and make sure that it’s from a well-known and well-trusted company.  Some people also add essential oils to their coconut oil as things like lavender can help improve the smell and effectiveness of the oil. However, don’t go to crazy with it, use it sparing on your skin and be gentle with it. You also don’t need to use it every day, most people use it whenever they feel is best or when acne begins to appear again. So why not add coconut oil to your beauty regime and have yourself a clear and beautiful face in no time.