Coconut Oil Pulling: The Secret Way To Detox

One thing you may never expect is that coconuts can actually help clean your teeth! Coconut oil pulling is an oral health technique that’d been kept secret for an age. The way you do it is by using Coconut Oil a lot like you would use mouthwash, you basically swish it all around your mouth.   Oil Pulling basically refers to the act of pulling out bacteria from the mouth. I Know, it can seem confusing but the qualities of Coconut Oil can really help improve your oral hygiene! So why should you add Coconut Oil pulling to your health regime? Well ladies, it’s simple.

It’s a great dental detox!
It works by detoxifying the mouth, it pulls out all of the bacteria from your oral cavities leaving your mouth as an antiseptic environment, perfect for helping your body use its own dental fixes. So it really is time to start detoxing that mouth after all it keeps the teeth shinny and white. So put on those smiles, ladies!

It’s for the long term
Oil Pulling is a technique that’s been around for a very long time. Historically our ancestors have used it as, in the past, there was no ‘proper’ oral health care idea’s…gross. Yet a mixture of good diets and other hidden tricks made sure that the lack of toothbrushes didn’t rot away their teeth. We all know the importance of a good diet but there’s other information to get from our good ol’ ancient ancestors and Oil Pulling is definitely one of them. It’s for the long term, it helps prevent disease developing in your mouth and helps fight against tooth decay and loss.

Coconut Oil Pulling is relatively simple, here’s how you do it

Get 1-2 Tablespoons of good quality coconut oil

Swish lightly around your teeth for 10-20 minutes

Spit Oil out in the trash, avoiding spitting it the sink since it should, hopefully, be full of bacteria

Rinse your mouth out with warm water, add salt for extra effectiveness

Brush your teeth as normal

It’s that easy, with all of the benefits you get from this technique, there is little excuse to add it to your regime. 

You can do it at anytime
Let’s face it, Life can be very hectic and stressful sometimes but please, don’t let your teeth and gums pay for it! Coconut Oil Pulling can be done anytime, anywhere. The length of time may seem a bit excessive, however this process also helps strengthen your jaw muscles and help towards the longevity of your mouth. It’s also pretty much safe for everyone to use even if you have fillings or if you’re pregnant and you can do it at any age! Coconut Oil is specifically so great since it has anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. So that healthier, whiter smile try an old age technique. Benefits usually start to show as early as the first week in, so you can thank me then.