Remove Facial Wrinkles Without Surgery

reduce facial wrinkles on your face totally but you can absolutely reduce its appearance. One of the fastest ways to remove wrinkles is to undergo cosmetic surgery. However, this option is not for everyone unless you have deep pockets and are not fearful of pain. To get ready for cosmetic surgery, one has to study on the procedure, look for a highly regarded and reliable plastic surgeon, go through detailed consultation and take time off from work for recovery.

There is no doubt cosmetic surgery is a prompt way to get your facial wrinkles smoothed but there are actually other ways to reduce facial wrinkles on your face. These methods do not require a huge monetary investment, there is also no down time involved. All it takes is a little adjustment in your lifestyle and habits. Here are small changes you can do to avoid or reduce facial wrinkles naturally.

1. Avoid the sun
You’ve probably heard this before but I can’t underline enough the importance of avoiding the sun to lessen wrinkles on your face. The sun emits Ultraviolet (UV) rays which cause an increase in intensity in a skin enzyme, metalloproteinase. This skin enzyme breaks down collagen and results in wrinkling of the skin. You should avoid excessive sun exposure when sunlight is most intense. If you have to be in the outdoors, try to walk or stay in the shade whenever possible.

2. Use sunscreen
Using sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent or diminish wrinkles. You should use a sunscreen frequently, even while you’re indoors as UV rays can penetrate glass. If you sit next to the window in office, be sure to put on sunscreen if you want to avoid premature aging. And don’t be fooled by cloudy days. UV light can penetrate cloud cover, make sure you use sunscreen even when the sunlight doesn’t seem as intense.

3. Wear tightly-woven fabrics
Do not neglect the skin on your body just because you have sunscreen on you face. Wearing tightly woven, dark colored clothes will give you better protection against the sun than loose-weaved, light colored clothes. If you’re going sleeveless, remember to put sunscreen on your arms and back of hands. Wearing a broad brimmed hat or cap provides further sun protection for your face.

4. Avoid smoking
Do think about quitting smoking if you are a smoker. Premature aging and skin wrinkling has been observed in smokers, notably female smokers. Smoking produces free radicals and induces proteins that breakdown collagen and elastin. Smoking also causes moisture loss and a decrease in the level of vitamin A on our skin. Quitting smoking is another important step towards reducing facial wrinkles.

5. Sleep on your back
Sleeping in some positions every night for years will ultimately lead to wrinkles. Sleep lines – the wrinkles caused by sleeping with your face on the pillow, will ultimately become permanent. People who sleep on their sides will see those wrinkles appearing on their chin and cheeks. Those who sleep face down on the pillow generally end up with forehead wrinkles or furrowed brow. To diminish wrinkles, the most excellent way is to sleep on your back. Sleeping position might not be easy to adjust over night but with a little determination, you’ll be able to get used to a new sleeping position after a few weeks.

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