How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles

Much attention and spotlight had been given to the causes, treatments and the prevention of worry lines and crow’s feet. Some people, though, just don’t have either enough time to research or more the money to spend to address these skin issues. Being creative and resourceful are two characteristics of people who remain standing despite all odds. These, combined with knowledge in home remedies, will help in combating these unwanted lines without depleting one’s resources.

Here are a few but effective but inexpensive ways of dealing with these unwanted lines that are available in our own kitchen or in our medicine cabinets. Carrot juice with honey makes a great anti-wrinkle mask. Mix one half teaspoon carrot juice with on half tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face for twenty minutes with a cotton ball dipped in soda bicarbonate water.

Mashed ripe banana with one teaspoon of rose water is another useful anti-wrinkle mask. Apply the mixture on your face and wash it off with water after 30 minutes. Mashed apples could also be used as a wrinkled mask since it is naturally rich in vitamin C which is known to be the nutrient needed to produce collagen in the skin.

Carrot juice plus one teaspoon of almond oil make up a wonderful wrinkle mask. Put the mixture in the refrigerator and let it cool for two hours. You may apply it to your forehead, cheeks, chin, and around the eyes for 30 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Vitamin C tablet dissolved in one-half teaspoon of boiling water cooled then mixed with a pinch of your favorite eye cream could be applied under the eye to diminish if not totally get rid of wrinkles around it. Milk cream mixed with lime juice is also an effective pack for dry skins.

Water is the best and the least expensive treatment and prevention for skin crumpling. With aging, the sweat and oil glands secretion slows down and this results to dryness, shrinking and sagging of the skin and the development of wrinkles. Drink lots of water and fruit juices and shun from too much alcohol and caffeine-rich drinks.

Adequate sleep and rest are also natural and effective ways of preventing wrinkles. Eight is the ideal number of hours one should have but six would be a good bargain for people on the go. Five to ten minutes afternoon naps could also help very busy people to catch up on their sleeping.

With all of the above mentioned natural, inexpensive or practically free methods there is no excuse to start caring for our skin and being conscious about these unwanted wrinkles on our skin. Come to think of it, we might even get that promotion we had been eyeing when we project a positive image of an attractive and successful person.for Sure, we cannot escape the natural process of aging. Nor can we get rid of gravity that constantly pulls down our skin muscles. There are two basic causes of wrinkling which are beyond our control. But doing something, like living a healthy and wholesome life effectively and significantly reduces the effects of wrinkles, especially on your face

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