Bigger Better Butt Program Review

bigger better butt program

What is ‘Bigger Better Butt’, is it a Scam, Does it really work?

The Bigger Better Butt program comes in the form of a downloadable ebook that will show you how you can build a bigger butt naturally through the right kind of exercises.

The 60 exercise program prescribes 9 weeks worth of workouts, where you are working out 4 days out of the seven day week.

The beauty of this program is in its simplicity – there are only four exercises to learn, and the workouts follow the format that is same week (more on this later). In short, this means you can focus fully on working your glutes out to the max, rather than trying to learn all sorts of complicated moves.

There’s not information that is much nutrition in the Bigger Better Butt program, but it does come with a bonus ebook called “7 Tactics to Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight” which talks a little bit about nutrition. However it doesn’t look like it’s specifically written to help with the whole Bigger Butt agenda which is a bit that is little of shame.

This is a great program because it teaches you all about increasing the size of your butt through healthy exercises without having to go to the gym if you already have the equipment needed laying around.

The main premise is that you only really need to learn 4 exercises to add bulk to your butt muscles. This is a great strategy because it means you can really take the time to master these few moves, rather than learning many new moves and not necessarily doing them all with perfect form.

Who Is This Product For?

This product can actually be used by anybody who is looking to make their butt (buttocks) bigger naturally without surgery or any kind of creams and is willing to work their butt off in the process! The program and guide you will get is short but it will cover everything that is necessary for you to grow your butt nice and firm by giving you tips and the right exercises. The writer himself has said that it is designed to be in this manner, so that you get a no-nonsense guide and are just left with what just works. You will be given all the information needed in order to start growing your booty today!

If you are looking for a way to get a bigger butt through exercises and start seeing results in a week then this guide it’s all you need. Get ready to exercise your bum!

What is included in this program?

  • Bigger Better Butt Program Guide (21 pages)
  • 30 min Skype consultation session with a certified trainer
  • 7 Tactics to Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight ebook (8 pages)
bigger buttPros
  • A thirty-minute Skype session set up to assist you to understand the specific movements and everything else connected to the program
  • The four simple movements designed to help you add inches to your buttocks
  • The simple and effective workout program
  • The small (but essential) changes to be introduced in your diet
  • An insight into the thing which most of the programs neglect
  • The secret capable of helping you get results within no time (Basically the small details that most other workouts ignore)


  • It puts you to work, there is no easy way out. This program isn’t a gimmick, it is essentially like hiring a personal trainer who is focusing primarily on your butt.
  • It isn’t fun.  It shouldn’t be meant to be fun.  When it comes to getting a task done and completing a job, sometimes you have to sacrifice what’s fun for what works.
Before and After: 
before and after bigger better butt
 bigg butt squats
Money Back / Refund:
The Money will be refunded if the subscription is cancelled within the period of three weeks. Even if you decide to buy the product, you are not going to lose anything. The decision to cancel your purchase within 60 days entitles you to a refund with no questions asked.
bigger better butt program

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